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GET THE FACTS; listen to a brief national radio interview with eSettle's Real Estate Expert, Investor and Settlement Specialist, Mr. Jerry Wexler, in this eye opening and informative discussion on eliminating your second and third mortgages. (Begin by adjusting volume to low, increase as needed)


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Predatory Lenders; have you been a victim?
Be Prepared for the Raising of Rates and Payments When the  HELOCs Adjust.
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People report to us that they work for months without results.
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B of A; Loosening Mortgage Standards?
Federal Tax Breaks for 2015 and beyond; see Senator's letter.
Principal Reduction; lower mortgage payments, no taxes due the principal reduction.
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Mortgage News - New Senate bill includes mortgage deductions extension.
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Because of the nationwide ongoing Real Estate crisis, Banks and other Mortgage Lenders are willing to settle your 2nd and 3rd MORTGAGES.
Don't put it off, every day counts in eliminating your Mortgage debt. Federal and State Governments will not help you with your settlement.

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At eSettle, our Real Estate and Legal Professionals are uniquely suited for solving problems for you, our Client.


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Stressed out over mortgage payments and other bills?

Why would a Lender settle a 2nd, 3rd or HELOC Mortgage?

Who is on your side working for you? Who is eSettle?

The statistics are all over the place, but it is clear that not only are mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures skyrocketing, but millions of homeowners are "upside-down" in their mortgages; that is they owe more to the bank than their houses are worth!

What can be done? Is there a realistic solution? Fortunately yes! There is a solution, and the banks are willing to cooperate by settling 2nd and 3rd mortgages for pennies on the dollar.
Look around you - we all know that real estate values have dropped, for that reason lenders will seriously consider settlement offers immediately.
There is no guarantee that this opportunity will remain open forever, or that settlements in the future will be at the same discounts available now.
A Harvard Attorney
didn't believe it until we saved her and her husband an impressive $73,000...
"I am a Harvard attorney and doubted all this but my husband is retired and hired the Law office to settle our second of $78,000 - they settled it for $5,000 which is 6% - now the owner of the law office and his brother are both settling their 2nds." - Charles and Lee B. 
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eSettle's group of Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Negotiators and Processors have extensive Legal and Real Estate backgrounds; (More Details Here)

Our extensive and diverse experience allows us to provide clients with an integrated and efficient approach to deal with the many legal issues and problems that arise in today's Real Estate environment.

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in our practice of Real Estate and Law, our Attorneys and Real Estate Agents regularly participate in ongoing professional education programs.

Helpful Tax Benefits...

If you are concerned about mortgage/debt relief increasing your federal taxes, stop worrying and click here for some good news for 2014 you will want to know; Extension in progress FOR TWO ADDITIONAL YEARS.

More on your taxes, Click here for more information.

Good Credit is NOT a Factor...

Only the current value of your property is important. You must act now while values are down. If the value of your property has dropped and the value is less than the balance on your mortgages, your case is very favorable.

We do not need to run a credit check on you.


Among other experienced professionals in their field ready to help you,
eSettle Real Estate and Attorney Group includes...

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR AND SETTLEMENT SPECIALIST, JERRY WEXLER - Jerry has vast experience and expertise as a Real Estate investor for over 40 years, and is a seasoned Mortgage Settlement Expert based in Los Angeles, California.

Jerry brings an extensive practical hands on involvement, proven results, and knowledge of the ever changing Real Estate Financial world with him.


eSettle... We're motivated, we're tough, we're professional...and WE'RE AFFORDABLE.




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