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Sinking Home 

We understand the problem of mortgages
being under water and the need for people to eliminate their second mortgage.

We CAN help you!

We have over twenty two years of experience
in general law practice, and specializing in loan
modifications and lien stripping.



A Harvard Attorney didn't believe it until we saved her
and her husband an impressive $73,000...
"I am a Harvard attorney and doubted all this but my husband is retired and hired the Law office to settle our second of $78,000 - they settled it for $5,000 which is 6% - now the owner of the law office and his brother are both settling their 2nds." - Charles and Lee B.


"Thank you for everything! It was great meeting you guys!"


   - Tike M.

"GREAT NEWS! Martin, Ryan, Bahar and George!! Thank you so very much for your fine efforts. Again thank you so much for your perseverance and commitment to helping me with this."
   - Jennifer K.
"I would like to give the GA Law Group the highest recommendation possibly available! This firm deserves 10 STARS!" .
   - Mark S.
Thank you for your effort and services. It was very much appreciated.
   - Rana A.

If your home is upside down, it can be right side up.

Debt ball and chain

Banks are motivated and willing to work with you to settle your 2nd mortgage.

Eliminate YOUR Second Mortgage, begin today just like these clients did...

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Happy Couple

Couple and Coffee

Another Happy Couple


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