Listed below are a few examples of Loan Settlements, and copies of firm commitments issued by the lenders to settle. These represent only a small percent of our success stories.

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You will receive an analysis of your situation by email within one day. As you know, real estate and market values continually change. This will be noted in the analysis. There is no charge for this analysis. 


Your Second Mortgage problems can be eliminated by a highly favorable
loan settlement that benefits YOU, and the lender.

A Harvard Attorney didn't believe it until we saved her and her husband an impressive $73,000...
I am a Harvard attorney and doubted all this but my husband is retired and hired the Law office to settle our second of $78,000 - they settled it for $5,000 which is 6% - now the owner of the law office and his brother are both settling their 2nds." - Charles and Lee B.

Please notice that the percentage of the settlement amounts are different on each one. It is based on the amount of equity the owner will have after the settlement and elimination of the loan is completed. Personal information blocked out for privacy and confidentiality.


"Thank you for everything! It was great meeting you guys!"

   - Tike M.

"GREAT NEWS! Martin, Ryan, Bahar and George!! Thank you so very much for your fine efforts. Again thank you so much for your perseverance and commitment to helping me with this."
   - Jennifer K.
"I would like to give the GA Law Group the highest recommendation possibly available! This firm deserves 10 STARS!" .
   - Mark S.
Thank you for your effort and services. It was very much appreciated.
   - Rana A.

The results speak for themselves, a few examples of many...










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We're motivated, we're tough and we're professional.l.

If your home is upside down, it can now be right side up!

Debt ball and chain

Banks are ready and willing to work with you to settle your 2nd mortgage!


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